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Under the hood of Roadmap

Here’s a quick summary of what we (Farzad, Griffith and Jovil) have been up to lately. Read on to get the latest scoop. 😊

Find the right plan for you

We've introduced new plans and they are suited for different types of companies. Watch short videos of what each plan has to offer and compare them side by side.
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What’s new

  • Right-click on timeline to quickly duplicate/delete them.
  • Move tasks across plans.
  • Format your task/milestone descriptions by highlighting the text.
  • Attachment image titles are now editable.

What’s next

  • A Zapier integration with two-way sync and much more.

More on this later!

Fixes & Improvements

  • Speed improvements to task, comments and milestone creation.
  • Resolved more than 30 small issues and bugs
  • Short in-app videos to speed up onboarding

And that’s it from us right now. Enjoy your week! 🙂

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    Jovil Hiew
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3 ways to work faster in Roadmap

Find ways to shave off a few seconds here and there and become more efficient and proficient with your precious time.

👯 Quickly create a copy of your task
Need to create more tasks of the same content? Simply create a task and fill it with all the details you need, then duplicate to create more of the same.Open a task and click on Settings > Duplicate. And Voila!

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Multi-task selection
Need to move around more than one task at a time? Multi-select is a smarter and faster way to move tasks around in bulk.Hold down shift and select the tasks you wish to move. And then drag them to where you want. Easy peasy.

🤸‍♂️ Jump between views
Make use of shortcuts to help keep you focused and reduce unnecessary repetitiveness. Jump between views without your hands moving from the keyboard.Navigate between views. Hit CMD + J from anywhere to jump to a different view.

And that’s it, overtime these few tricks will help you save time and get things done more quickly. Go to Roadmap now and

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    Jovil Hiew
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Jira Integration

Step by step instruction on how to set up Jira integration

Setting Roadmap with Jira allows you and your team to import from Jira projects, so that you can get started on planning your projects right away. Before moving forward, note that at the moment Roadmap only supports one-way sync.

Connect your Jira instance to Roadmap

1. Start by clicking your avatar on the dashboard and select Team from the dropdown menu, you’ll see the Integrations section there.

2. Click the Connect button and enter the URL of your Jira instance. Click Next when you are done.

3. The next step is a list of instructions to configure your Jira instance. Keep this overlay open as you will need the configuration values provided here. Open a new browser tab and head to your Jira instance.

4. In Jira’s left hand navigation menu, follow the links Settings → Products → Application links, and enter https://app.onroadmap.com and click the Create new link button.

5. Confirm the link by clicking the Continue button.

6. Then complete the configuration by entering

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    Farzad Ban
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What I learned from getting deported twice and building two successful businesses in the process

This is an attempt to break the bubble and start living a more transparent life where others outside of my close friends and family get to see into my life and hopefully learn from the outcome of my choices and decisions.

I don’t believe in right or wrong. I believe in experiences. I believe there’s no right path in life, there are just simply different experiences. The fork in the road metaphor, that we were taught in school at a young age is just too extreme and not the reality we live today. Do you remember the picture? The left path takes you into this dark and what it seems to be a horrifying jungle where pain and horror await and the right one takes you to this beautiful land where all your dreams come true.

But to tell you the truth, between these two paths, if I had to pick, the left one has always been more appealing to me than the right one. Why? I think it’s because I just don’t believe there are

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